How to Make Your Traditional Project Management More Agile

Agile project management and especially Scrum has been successfully established in many companies since the Agile Manifesto in 2001, especially for software development projects. For most projects, however, agile project management is not the best method. Traditional project management, however, can still learn a lot from agile methods and thus make projects even more successful. […]

How to make your Status Meeting more agile

How to Make Your Status Meeting More Agile

In traditional projects, status meetings usually take place every week or every 2 weeks and last, last … and often last a very long time. Most of the time there is an agenda, but I often find that there is a lot of discussion at these meetings and that people want to solve problems in […]

Is Risk Management Necessary for Agile Projects?

Is Risk Management Necessary in Agile Projects?

Projects fail because of risks that have become a problem, and this is also the case with Agile Projects. Risks should therefore also be a topic in Agile Project Management. In Agile Project Management one tries to reduce administration to a minimum and one assumes that already the agile method reduces risks automatically considerably. For […]