The Benefit of the Work Package Description Is Underestimated

Do you have work package descriptions for your project? Many of you will answer with “No”. “Such a thing is not necessary and only an over-organization!” I often hear that. Many project managers underestimate the benefits of good work package descriptions. But with little effort, you can bring more security to your project, increase quality, […]

How to implement Earned Value Management and Agile in Large Projects

How to Implement Earned Value Management and Agile in Large Projects

With agile projects not only mobile apps or application software are developed—agile projects are more and more used in larger and complex development projects and programs in the industry where software is embedded in large technical systems. This article gives you an overview of how Earned Value Management (EVM) can be applied to complex projects […]

How to make your Status Meeting more agile

How to Make Your Status Meeting More Agile

In traditional projects, status meetings usually take place every week or every 2 weeks and last, last … and often last a very long time. Most of the time there is an agenda, but I often find that there is a lot of discussion at these meetings and that people want to solve problems in […]


What Are Self-Organizing Teams in Agile Projects?

Self-organizing and cross-functional teams are a core element in Agile Projects but are not an invention of the Agile Movement. They have been used successfully in Japanese companies and some American companies for many decades. This unique management method, with managers as coaches without management functions and fewer management levels, was unfortunately almost forgotten. With […]

Requirements-Management-in-Agile-Projects and Scrum

Requirements Management in Agile Projects and Scrum

The requirements management for agile projects forms the basis for the project, as it is for traditional projects. With agile projects and also with Scrum the requirement management differs however in substantial points from that in traditional projects after the waterfall model. In this article, you will learn about the differences and how the requirements […]

How to apply Contracts for agile Projects

How to Apply Contracts Effectively to Agile Projects

One of the four basic values of the Agile Manifesto is: Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. This could indicate that contracts are no longer of great importance in agile projects. Is this actually true? In order to have legal certainty and a guideline for development, contracts are also indispensable in agile projects—it’s just that they […]