The Most Important Tips for Setting up a SharePoint Project Site

SharePoint is one of the most vital tools for collaboration in project management. However, if you are new to SharePoint and starting a new project, it’s essential to pay attention to several key points when setting up and using your site to ensure it operates as efficiently as possible. A SharePoint site will only be […]

How to Use Unique Permissions for Libraries and Lists in SharePoint

With Microsoft 365 group permissions, all members (except administrators) have the same level of access to all Microsoft 365 applications and data associated with the Microsoft 365 group (e.g., Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Planner, etc.). There are no areas blocked from their access. SharePoint is an exception because it also has its own permissions system, allowing […]

How to Use SharePoint Workflows in Your Project

How to Use SharePoint Workflows in Your Project

SharePoint Workflows have been around for many years. However, it is a functionality, that in my experience, is not often used in business and projects. However, anytime you need some sort of approval or business process occurs more often, you should think about using the workflow capability for that. There are several ways to create […]

Are SharePoint Groups and Permissions No Longer Relevant with Microsoft 365 Permissions?

SharePoint groups and permissions were for a long time the only permission system for SharePoint. When Microsoft introduced the Microsoft 365 permission system a few years ago, many things changed—slowly but steadily. Granting permissions became easier, and these then became valid for all Microsoft 365 applications. Today many people don’t know the SharePoint groups and […]

SharePoint Groups and Permissions Explained

For new site owners, managing SharePoint groups and permissions can be quite challenging. I experienced the same difficulties many years ago. SharePoint groups and permissions are powerful tools that determine who can access your project site and what actions they can perform. As a SharePoint administrator for your project, it is crucial to understand these […]

Check-Out/Check-in Documents in SharePoint Online and What You Should Pay Attention To

SharePoint is one of the most used tools in projects and supports many project management activities. As a Project Management Officer, I oversee large project SharePoint sites and get questions about specific SharePoint topics all the time. Frequently, questions come in where check-out/check-in is the root cause of problems, because this functionality is not always […]