How to Successfully Manage Reducible and Irreducible Risk

Do you know the difference between event and non-event risks? The PMBOK© 6th Edition now takes a major step forward in its treatment of risk. It does not only address a wider range of Uncertainty than the simple event, but also acknowledging the necessity to integrate project risk management with enterprise-wide risk management. This article […]

The Three Categories of Project Risks in the Company

When we speak of project risks, we usually mean the risks that threaten an individual project or its objectives. However, if you look at the project landscape of a company, this is only one category of project risks. But project risk management does not only take place in projects themselves, but also at project portfolio […]

Stakeholders Are One of Your Biggest Project Risks

Only with the best processes and methods will your project not be successful. People deliver the project, people do the work. It is also people who can hinder or stop your project, it does not have to be project changes, cost overruns or wrong assumptions. Your stakeholders could be your biggest risks. In this article […]

How to manage risk in agile projects

How to Manage Risk in Agile Projects

In my opinion, Risk Management is one of the most neglected topics in Agile Projects. In an earlier article, I showed you why Risk Management is also necessary for Agile projects. In this article, you will learn how to implement Risk Management in Agile projects, and what you need to pay attention to. Every Scrum Master, […]

Risks, Problems, Issues and Impediments – What is the Difference?

A project without risks and problems exists as little as a life without death, because projects are by definition risky and associated with problems – and this is also the case with agile projects. With risk and problem management, project management offers effective tools for meeting these “challenges”. However, I notice repeatedly that the difference […]

Early Warners of Risks Are Rarely Taken Seriously

Early Warner of Risks Are Rarely Taken Seriously

Project risks are often ignored. But this is not only the case with projects. On 11 March 2011, an earthquake and a tsunami struck Japan. At the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, a triple core meltdown occurred. More than six years after the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan, former top managers of the nuclear power […]

Do you know the risk matrix

Do You Really Know the Risk Matrix?

The risk matrix is one of the best-known elements in risk management because it is simple and gives a quick overview of the risk situation of your project. However, many users are unaware of the special characteristics of the risk matrix and therefore do not take full advantage of it. Perhaps you will find one […]

Is Risk Management Necessary for Agile Projects?

Is Risk Management Necessary in Agile Projects?

Projects fail because of risks that have become a problem, and this is also the case with Agile Projects. Risks should therefore also be a topic in Agile Project Management. In Agile Project Management one tries to reduce administration to a minimum and one assumes that already the agile method reduces risks automatically considerably. For […]