How to Create a Risk Log in SharePoint Online

Risk management is a central activity in project management, but is unfortunately often neglected. Projects fail because of risks that are discovered too late, ignored or simply not sought. Risk management is not complex but is hard work and the most important thing: it must be done with conviction. Software such as Excel or SharePoint […]

Why You Should Have an Issue Log in Your Project

Why You Should Have an Issue Log in Your Project

Do you have an Issue Log in your project and do you use it consistently? In my view, the Issue Log is one of the most neglected or underestimated tools in project management. The Issue Log is not just a simple list of issues, but behind it is a management culture of how you handle […]

How to Develop your Risk Awareness?

How Developed is Your Risk Awareness?

You have probably heard several times that you should be risk aware, but you may not have thought much about it. Risk awareness is a somewhat abstract term, but something that is essential in our daily lives, in business and in projects, so that we do not face problems or misfortunes. This article will show […]

How to Address Complexity in Project Risk Management

How to Address Complexity in Project Risk Management

Projects have always been a complex endeavor and have always to deal with the unpredictable, the surprising, and the unexpected. This was 200 years ago so, and it is still so. However, the complexity is increasing every year, especially when IT technologies are involved. In this environment, it’s harder to predict what will happen because […]

How to Reduce Risks in Product Development

Companies that develop products often take considerable risks that can, for example, jeopardize the continued existence of the company. Developing innovative products in particular is a risky and uncertain process and many products fail, for example, due to feasibility or market acceptance. This uncertainty often leads companies to avoid taking risks—and if they do, they […]

How to define an effective risk response-strategy

How to Define an Effective Risk Response Strategy

In my last article: Successful Response Planning in Risk Management, you learned the basics of response planning in project risk management. Now you have to define the appropriate risk response strategy for the identified risks. With this strategy, you then react to your risks with effective actions. In this article you will learn about the […]

Successful Response Planning Risk Management

Successful Response Planning in Risk Management

You are not defenselessly exposed to risks in your project! After you have identified and analyzed the risks in your project, you can start with the next step—with response planning. With appropriate actions you reduce or avoid risks or are ready when risks are about to occur. The planning of actions and their timely implementation […]

What is the Difference Between Uncertainty and Risk?

Do you know the difference between uncertainty and risk? Is there a difference at all, or is it about the same? When I am coaching project managers or business managers in their risk management activities, I often see identified risks that are not risks. If risk identification fails, subsequent steps in the risk management process […]