Why You Should Have an Issue Log in Your Project

Why You Should Have an Issue Log in Your Project

Do you have an Issue Log in your project and do you use it consistently? In my view, the Issue Log is one of the most neglected or underestimated tools in project management. The Issue Log is not just a simple list of issues, but behind it is a management culture of how you handle […]

Why You Should Write Meeting Minutes

Why You Should Write Meeting Minutes

As a project manager, you conduct or participate in many meetings. At these meetings, facts are exchanged, decisions are made or only information is provided. Information flows that might be important to you at a later point in time. I therefore recommend that you always write down important points at meetings and, if it makes […]

How to Control Agile Projects – Monitoring and Control

How to Control Agile Projects – Monitoring and Control

You may wonder why project control is not a topic in agile projects. Even the well-known Scrum Guide does not mention this term. But I can already tell you that project control is also carried out in agile projects. Project control for agile projects is somewhat different from “normal” projects, because the Scrum team is […]

How to Use the Milestone Trend Analysis Successfully

In project control, there are various methods to monitor the project. In addition to the plan/target/actual comparison and earned value management, the milestone trend analysis (MTA) is one of the best-known methods for project monitoring. One of the main goals of the milestone trend analysis is to monitor the progress of the project in order […]

The Benefit of the Work Package Description Is Underestimated

Do you have work package descriptions for your project? Many of you will answer with “No”. “Such a thing is not necessary and only an over-organization!” I often hear that. Many project managers underestimate the benefits of good work package descriptions. But with little effort, you can bring more security to your project, increase quality, […]

How to implement Earned Value Management and Agile in Large Projects

How to Implement Earned Value Management and Agile in Large Projects

With agile projects not only mobile apps or application software are developed—agile projects are more and more used in larger and complex development projects and programs in the industry where software is embedded in large technical systems. This article gives you an overview of how Earned Value Management (EVM) can be applied to complex projects […]

How to determine the right work package size and duration

How to Determine the Right Work Package Size and Duration

In project management, planning and scheduling are core activities. But what I notice is that the work package size and duration is here rarely an important topic. My experience shows that it should be a topic, because work packages are usually planned so large that they can spin out of control. This is also one […]

How to Plan and Monitor Projects Successfully With Critical Chain

Projects often have to be carried out in the shortest possible time and absolutely on schedule. Speed and reliability are crucial. Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) can help you here. CCPM has been around for several years. However, it has not yet become established. However, many elements of it can be applied very well in […]

The best Project Control Method

What is the Best Project Control Method?

Project control methods are used to detect deviations from the planned values at an early stage and to get the project back on track with effective measures. There are more complex and simpler project control methods. In this article you will get an overview of the different methods, their effort and benefits and the knowledge […]

Project Monitoring with EVM Performance Indicators

Project Monitoring With EVM Performance Indicators

Earned Value Management is the most powerful project control method you can apply. In this article I will show you how you calculate the EVM performance indicators Schedule Variance (SV), Cost Variance (CV), Schedule Performance Indicator (SPI) and Cost Performance Indicator (CPI) to monitor your project and how to display them in graphs. These performance […]